Welcome to Glenn Industrial Group, where cutting-edge technology meets two decades of expertise in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Our fleet of 24 ROVs is more than just advanced machinery—it’s a testament to our commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation.

With over twenty-three years in the industry, Glenn Industrial Group has not only kept pace with the evolution of ROV technology but has also contributed significantly to its development. Our experienced team continuously adapts, expands, and improves, ensuring that our technology remains at the forefront of diver-alternative automation.

Innovation is at the core of Glenn Industrial Group. We’ve developed and patented remote cleaning, leak detection, grouting, and pipe plug systems, pushing the boundaries of what ROVs can achieve. From dams to pipelines and other hydraulic structures, our advanced technology is making a mark in critical sectors.

Safety and efficiency are paramount, and ROVs play a pivotal role in achieving these goals. Our ROV operators, with hundreds of logged hours, bring a level of situational experience that transcends theoretical knowledge. They understand the nuances of underwater operations, ensuring that our ROVs perform optimally in any scenario.

When it comes to underwater exploration and intervention, trust us to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Welcome to the future of underwater technology with Glenn Industrial Group.


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