Glenn Industrial Group provides reliable mechanical and hydraulic dredging services.  In particular, we have extensive experience in reservoirs that are prone to the accumulation of sediment and wood.  We specialize in estimating, dredging, reservoir maintenance programs, and debris removal.

  • We service shallow and deep-water conditions.
  • Our teams and equipment are cost-effective and highly mobile.
  • Technical expertise with ROV’s and Sonar technology.
  • We offer low-impact options to accommodate ongoing operation of facilities.
  • Projects are environmentally compliant.

We provide systems for containing all spoils during excavation, horizontal transport, and during delivery to offsite landfills or predetermined locations on site. With the use of ROVs and Sonar technology, we are able to provide data on the results of our dredging operations.  This information is invaluable in monitoring for re-accumulation rates of inflow materials.

Glenn Industrial Services provides maintenance programs that sustain reservoir storage capacity.  Our plans improve power generation and prevent the need to drawdown for sediment removal that, left unchecked, will result in loss of reservoir capacity and cause extensive permitting.  These services are also available during unit generation to alleviate economic impact on our customer’s facilities.

With our extensive experience in reservoir dredging, Glenn Industrial Group is uniquely positioned to develop a dredging program for your operation.  We offer recommendations on proper equipment, removal, and cost options.  Our ability to work in areas where the terrain is rugged has also made our services invaluable to clients that have limited options for removal.


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