Glenn Industrial Group owns and operates a fleet of 14 Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Our twenty-plus years of experience is as valuable as the technology itself. Employees and equipment constantly adapt, expand, and improve as this diver-alternative automation advances.

We have developed and patented remote cleaning, leak detection, grouting, and pipe plug systems. We use this advanced technology on dams, pipelines, and other hydraulic structures. 

ROVs are overarching in their ability to improve safety and efficiency. Our specially trained engineers are well seasoned in the capabilities and limitations of these invaluable machines that improve the safety of our divers. Work that was previously considered too expensive or dangerous is now affordable and part of the standard operating practice.

ROVs and Crawlers are extraordinary when deployed as an extra method, or tasked with cutting, moving, or manipulating material. Still, the experienced ROV operator is the most critical determinant of underwater performance. Our ROV pilots have logged hundreds of hours using this technology. They have situational experience that cannot be learned in a classroom.

As ROV features broaden, our management teams can substitute and augment diver operations with technology-driven ROV solutions. Working knowledge of ROV capabilities allows us to improve safety and efficiency by selecting the correct ROV for the job. Our operators understand when to add imaging sonars to improve a field of view in large areas, or conversely when visibility is low. We save our customers time and money by implementing the most specialized inspection tools. Topside, we have teams that are organized and knowledgeable in their collection of real-time data. We are precise in our recommendations and have a depth of knowledge that earned Glenn Industrial Group a solid reputation in ROV operations.


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