Glenn Industrial Group is comprised of accomplished diving professionals and skilled tradespeople adept at Marine Construction. Our teams are trained and qualified to safely work in all environmental conditions, and we are an industry leader in underwater inspection and repair services.

We provide cost-saving project management to balance our efforts below and above water. When our divers are not busy below the waterline, they are working topside on other project priorities. Our diving teams have been trained to carry out topside work like welding, concrete repair, masonry, steel installation, and rigger. With this strategy, fewer personnel are needed for a job at any one time. For longer operations, this yields considerable savings and streamlines communication between all specialized trades involved. 

Glenn Industrial Group marine construction professionals are safe, proficient, and purpose-driven above and below the waterline.

We bring to each project the latest and most advanced specialized marine equipment. Our fleet of underwater machines is highly mobile, versatile, and able to conform to any logistical constraints to meet the demands of most, if not all, marine construction projects. Glenn Industrial Group has the expertise to run our equipment safely, securely, and efficiently. Our teams will get the job done, regardless of limited access, logistical constraints, or environmental challenges. The combination of in-depth knowledge, well-practiced techniques, and specialized equipment are why we get excellent safety ratings.  




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At Glenn Industrial Group we are all about safety-first underwater construction and repair services. If you have an interest in working with us on your next project or have a question for our staff, we would like to hear from you!