To Energy Companies, Coal Combustion Byproducts and ash ponds have always been a part of the coal plant process. Decades ago, most coal ash ponds were constructed without liners, using low technology construction techniques. Many were built in rural areas that today have become more developed and more environmentally sensitive.
Due to their age, recently several ash ponds and their accompanying infrastructure have failed causing property damage, environmental consequences and subsequent fines to the owner.

Today, utilities are faced with remediation of ash ponds, discharge and storm water pipes. Over time, the abrasiveness of the material flowing through the pipes causes wear and leakage. Due to the complexity of many of these drainage systems, the coal ash byproduct can leak from pipes or into pipes, ultimately contamination storm water, which is drained into a river.

Glenn Underwater Services engineers, fabricates and installs remote plugs to seal damaged coal ash discharge pipes.

With new EPA regulations pending, our company has been asked to inspect, repair, and abandon ash pond discharge pipes and riser structures at over 30 sites. We have also been extensively involved in the abandonment of intake and other structures for decommissioning of existing fossil stations for various clients in the energy sector.

What we offer our energy clients worldwide

  • Environmentally friendly, engineered solutions
  • Ash Pond Inspections
  • Ash Pond Dredging
  • Pipeline Inspections via ROV/ crawler technology
  • Intake and Storm water Pipeline Abandonment
  • Remote Plug and Bulkhead placement
  • Leak Detecting and Leak Sealing
  • Confined Space and Underwater Inspection and Construction Capabilities

If you need assistance with coal ash pond remediation or pipe abandonment, please give us a call and we will be glad to offer some innovative, environmentally sound solutions.